Below is a collection of images show-casing the transformations achieved for our clients.
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Patient Stories

Andrea Volpi

On a daily basis Andrea was dealing with jaw pain, headaches and neck pain. The simple things in life like enjoying a steak at a backyard barbeque became unbearable from years of grinding and compensating for her pain.

Numerous dentists were recommending braces but to Andrea this was not an option she wanted to pursue. It was when she met with Dr Chris Hart, founder and Director of Life Time Smiles, that her life regained some sort of quality control. Reconstructive and Neuromuscular Dentistry (NMD) cured Andrea’s headaches, neck aches and jaw pain, without invasive surgery, or unsightly orthodontics.

Now she loves chewing a good steak, in fact there’s nothing Andrea can’t eat! She is no longer scared to smile, her gums and teeth are even and she is enjoying life’s little pleasures once again.

Anita Hastie

Anita is well respected among the local residents, having spent many years doing shift work supporting her community. While now retired, Anita still enjoys the challenges and rewards of living in a small and friendly township.

Anita suffered terribly with an unstable mouth caused by failing root canals, crowns and bridges from previous dental treatments. This, coupled with a chipped tooth and a terrible fear that dentures were in her future, led her to Life Time Smiles. Anita was expecting a quick fix to delay the inevitable. Instead she was referred to Dr Chris Hart who assessed her bite and offered another option: to rebuild her mouth using implants, and non surgical and reconstructive and Neuromuscular Dentistry (NMD). Anita now smiles with pride, without pain and more importantly without dentures!

Kathleen Quinn

Kathleen Quinn is Practice Manager at; a professional services firm providing services such as Law, Accounting and Financial Planning, all under the one roof, to a range of small and medium businesses.

For years Kathleen suffered terribly with headaches, neck and back pain. An exhaustive and unsuccessful search for solutions led her finally to Life Time Smiles. Neuromuscular Dentist and director of Life Time Smiles, Dr Chris Hart, changed her life using non-surgical, pain free techniques to realign her bite, and consequently, her neck & back.

Kirsten Baulch

Dr Kirsten Baulch is the Founder and Managing Director of award-winning Medimobile, a business that brings high quality influenza vaccinations into Australian workplaces. Her innovation has won high praise and Medimobile now employs over 230 people on a seasonal basis across the country.

Yet behind the scenes and despite her success, Kirsten wasn’t happy with her smile and suffered a painful clicking jaw for 20 years, causing head and neck tension. Neuromuscular dentist Dr Chris Hart of Life Time Smiles, used nerve and muscle stimulation to restore function in Kirsten’s jaw movement, and dental work to build up her teeth to sit correctly and prevent grinding.

Now, Kirsten’s pain has gone, she has a balanced and beautiful smile, and a new sense of confidence.

Jeff Thomson

Legendary Australia fast bowler Jeff (Thommo) Thomson had a lacklustre smile for most of his life, including missing teeth and failing dentistry. Just like Dr Kirsten Baulch, he decided to visit neuromuscular dentist Dr Chris Hart at Life Time Smiles. In a total mouth reconstruction, Dr Hart corrected a lifetime’s dental woes and discomfort. Thommo’s bite was realigned and his smile was totally rebuilt, with aesthetic work that included ceramic restorations. The end result gave Thommo both the form and function he previously lacked – and he walked away delighted with his brand new smile.
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