Too often people leave the dentist out of pocket and still in the dark about the state of their oral health. Combine this with a long distance trip every time you need a check up and going to the dentist seems futile or incredibly irritating at the least.
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Quality of Care a priority for Life Time Smiles
20/12/2008 12:00:00 AM
The Rockhampton Morning Bulletin
Life Time Smiles founder Dr Chris Hart is a firm believer of promoting dental wellness and well-being through oral health. To do this, a dentist must always aim to improve their skill-base and knowledge through personal and professional development. As State Chairman of the National Dental Foundation (NDF); a not for profit organisation whose charter is to bring good dental health to as many Australians as possible, Dr Hart and his team managed to treat over 150 under-privileged patients for free, as part of the NDF’s most recent charity drive. Since his humble beginnings Chris has always sought out not only new initiatives in dentistry but new ways of thinking in terms of customer care and personalised treatment.

Upon entering Life Time Smiles a new patient will be either expertly observed or asked a series of questions that determine how that person likes to be treated, how they might interact with others, their lifestyle and career pressures and what path is best to take for necessary dental work. Once your first comprehensive examination is complete you are invited back for a complimentary second consultation.

Here you will view your personalised presentation explaining exactly where your are with your oral health and what you need to do to improve it. The recommended treatment plan is broken up into two sections: Best Care Treatment (which is deferrable) and Immediate Treatments, giving you the option to prepare for the ongoing costs and time constraints of having the work done. Then to top it off you are sent on your way with a goodie bag, and a folder containing all the information your dentist has given you and an electronic copy of your presentation. My how times have changed!

 Life Time Smiles is now fully operational in Mt Isa, Dysart, Middlemount, Blackwater, Noosa, Cobar and, most recently, Mitchell. Made possible through partnerships with BMA, Capcoal, Queensland Health, Cobar Shire Council and the Booringa Shire Council, this initiative is the first of its kind in Australia and is setting standards for ethical health care across the board. The support of these organisations have allowed Life Time Smiles the economic flexibility to provide the state of the art technology needed to enable ‘real-time’ teleconference meetings and instant support for all regional staff and patients. So regardless of your location, you and your local surgery will always have the best level of service and advice at your fingertips.

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    At Life Time Smiles we can make this dream a reality. Our dentists can give you the smile you have always wanted at a price that will keep you smiling!
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    Life Time Smiles can offer you many options for your ideal smile, including professional teeth whitening. We only use the best quality products to ensure the best results.
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