Life Time Smiles can offer you many options for your ideal smile, including professional teeth whitening. We only use the best quality products to ensure the best results.
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Your Whiter, Brighter Smile...
7/06/2011 10:39:38 AM

Here at Life Time Smiles we like to provide you with options to improve your smile. Once you have had a comprehensive exam to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy, we can offer teeth whitening for your whiter, brighter smile.

Life Time Smiles Bleaching Instructions


For Whitening with Opalescence, please follow these instructions:


  1. Thoroughly brush and floss your teeth;
  2. After removing the cap from the Opalescence syringe tip, express the contents evenly into the deepest portion of the tray and toward the facial side of the tray.  Only one-quarter to one-third of the syringe will be necessary;
  3. Seat the tray over the teeth.  Gently remove excess gel that may flow beyond the tray’s edge with a toothbrush or a clean finger;
  4. You may wear your trays over night or during the day for half an hour to three hours at a time.
  5. After the prescribed time, remove the tray;
  6. Clean gel from the tray with a tooth brush and allow to air dry;
  7. The tray should be removed before eating or drinking; 
  8. DO NOT SMOKE while the tray is in your mouth.


Please do not:


  1. Do not use Opalescence while pregnant or breastfeeding;
  2. Do not eat while wearing your trays;
  3. Do not use tobacco products while wearing your trays;
  4. Do not expose the syringes or trays to heat or sunlight;
  5. Do not freeze the Opalescence syringes or trays; however the syringes can be stored in the fridge for up to 2 years from date of issue;
  6. DO NOT SMOKE while the tray is in your mouth.


Please remember:


  1. Teeth are naturally darker along the gum line.  These areas may require more time to lighten than the rest of the tooth surface and usually remain slightly darker;
  2. A small percentage of patients experience sensitivity with bleaching.  It may be recommended that you bleach every second or third night and for a shorter time. You can also use Opalescence during the day for one to three hours. If sensitivity continues please contact your dentist; 
  3. Foods and juices high in citrus acid can cause sensitivity to the teeth;
  4. Some patients have noticed temporary discomfort of the gums, lips, throat or tongue.
  5. Coffee, tobacco and other products may re-stain your teeth over time;
  6.  Regular dental checkups and cleanings are important before and after bleaching to maintain a healthy smile.

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