A Cerec is a one-visit tooth-coloured restoration. It is a great new facility available to dentists to not only streamline your dental visits but also provide a natural looking restoration material.
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Cerec Fillings
Cerec is a German quality 3D chair side CAD/CAM technology. The machine allows us to create your custom-fitted restoration in just one appointment (almost always one visit). It is bonded to the remaining tooth, therefore strengthening and conserving tooth structure. Cerec restores your tooth to near 100% strength, almost like a natural tooth. Imagine having the strength and durability of your natural teeth back using the latest technology and techniques available – that is Cerec.

How long will it last?

Cerec has been around over the last 20 years in practice and has been researched in over 200 clinical papers.

The ceramic material has a proven track record with a high durability rate from 95-99%. No dental material is perfect, although the Cerec material comes very close. Among other restorations, the Cerec ceramic best simulates tooth structure with a similar strength, feel and colour. The high durability rate of the Cerec ceramic is only bettered by cast gold, however, cast gold is not tooth coloured and therefore, using it will not create the natural appearance of the Cerec.

At Life Time Smiles, we find using this type of modern and state of the art material and technology very exciting. The proven material and technology allows us to offer 21st Century dentistry and beyond to you.

Am I a candidate for Cerec fillings?

Most fillings on premolar and molar teeth can be replaced with a Cerec filling. With Cerec, you can feel confident that your tooth will be stronger and look just like your natural tooth at the same time. If you have ever considered replacing those black fillings (amalgams), now is a great time to take advantage of the new and comprehensive technology available.
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