The dentists currently on our comprehensive dentistry training program are really enjoying the experience as it offers an opportunity to enhance their careers.
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It is a one-year graduate program or a two-year training program to enable dentists to perform more complex procedures and complete complex cases. We aim for all trainees to be able to perform neuromuscular, aesthetic and implant dentistry up to the level that an implant-based full mouth reconstruction is both predictable and successful.

The techniques and training are second to none. We have enlisted some of the country's best lecturers in these areas. The trainees work in our facilities in Queensland and the Northern Territory while attending training courses both in-house and with outside training organisations.

There is ongoing assessment to make sure that the information is being put into practice. Working in our state-of-the-art facilities within our niche position in the market in unopposed areas with the highest incomes in the country makes it as easy as possible to perform ideal dentistry in a comprehensive care environment.

The contract includes a generous salary, as well as costs covered for accommodation in regional centres, flights and training expenses.

From our recent enquiries, we have noticed there have been some common questions which have been asked by prospective applicants. Here we attempt to answer these


What will the course cost me?

Nothing! Our training program leads to exceptional clinical outcomes and profitable practice we can therefore afford to pay for all your training (internal and external) and the cost of your accommodation and flights, whilst paying you a generous salary. In reality we can’t afford not to train you!

Where will I be based?

You will be based in a regional area including such locations as Mount Isa, Middlemount, Dysart, Blackwater, and Noosa in Queensland, and Darwin in the Northern Territory. You will, however, have frequent training sessions in Brisbane or any other capital city where training is held.

What is the remuneration package?

The remuneration package includes a salary ($104, 000 per annum), accommodation, flights, training costs and incentives during the training program. The productivity for the dentists at Life Time Smiles rises from that of the average dentist to $700 000 – $1.5 million a year on a 30 hour week by the end of the training program. So, if you progress onto a commissioned based contract at the end of the two year program, your income increases dramatically.

What is the commitment?

Your initial commitment is the length of the training course which is one year for new graduates and two years for those dentists with experience in general dentistry. At the end of this period and at the discretion of the director, new graduates may be offered the opportunity to join the two year training program, while more experienced dentists may be offered a further two year contract as an assistant dentist.

There is a career progression at Life Time Smiles with each stage taking between one and two years depending on the individual’s performance:
  • Stage 1: Graduate/Trainee Dentist
  • Stage 2: Assistant Dentist
  • Stage 3: Associate Dentist
  • Stage 4: Senior Associate Dentist
  • Stage 5: Non-Equity Partner
  • Stage 6: Equity Partner

What is the catch?

There is no catch! By working in regional centres throughout Queensland and the Northern Territory, we are operating in high income demographics with an undersupply of dentists, which results in high turnover production and lower overheads. By performing more advanced procedures, our production and profitability also increases. This in turn, allows us to pay all your training expenses and related travelling costs as well as a generous salary.

What will I learn?

New graduates will learn the essentials of comprehensive care dentistry including how to diagnose potential neuromuscular cases and stabilise them, introductory level aesthetic dentistry, rotary endodontics, CEREC 3D, implant prosthetics, sleep dentistry and minor oral surgery. Those more experienced dentists will learn everything up to implant-based full mouth rehabilitation on TMD patients utilising neuromuscular and aesthetic dentistry, Nobel Biocare and Straumann ITI implant systems, Invisalign, CEREC 3D, Empress, Procera and Lava restorative systems and laser dentistry.

Do you accept overseas applicants?

Yes, we have pre-approved 457 visas. This enables us to accept applicants with qualifications from the UK, New Zealand and South Africa. Please note that South African applicants will be subject to ADC examinations.

When does the program begin?

There is a constant intake of candidates so, once you are successful, you can begin the program at any time, at the discretion of the Director.

At the moment we have ten dentists on this program and we are looking for another ten highly motivated and competent dentists for 2012. If you are interested in applying, please forward to us a current CV along with a completed application form which you can download from the Training Program page of our website.
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