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Corporate Entry
This section is intended for corporate clients or those interested in corporate information.

Life Time Smiles
Level 17, 141 Queen Street
Brisbane Q 4000
Phone: 07 3221 7273
Fax: 07 3210 0215


Several different products and services, please click for more information.

Life Time Smiles Ultimate Restoration

Dental restorations offers state of the art techniques and materials the ability to recreate a beautiful and functional smile. At the Life Time Smiles Group, we are able to replace all of your broken, chipped, discoloured or silver fillings so that your smile appears whiter and functions more naturally and healthily. Using modern technology allows us to provide treatment that appears and feels like you've never had dental treatment done in your life. These aesthetically pleasing white porcelain fillings are professionally made on our premises utilising the latest CAD/CAM Cerec ceramic technology imported from Germany . Our state-of-the-art milling station can process your porcelain fillings in just twelve minutes at the chair side instead of two weeks in the laboratory, which will save you time and provide the convenience of just one appointment. With the specially developed optical scanner we don’t even need to take an impression of your teeth to understand the exact shape and characteristics of your teeth and gums.

How it is achieved…
To achieve such beautiful results, one of our dentists skilfully removes the old metal or broken fillings from your mouth. Next, the preparation of the tooth is refined and we scan the tooth, sending the image to the milling station. 10-15 minutes later your Life Time Smiles Ultimate Restoration is ready to be placed and bonded into your tooth. This process leaves your tooth as close as possible to how it looked at its most natural, with minimal preparation made to the tooth.

Our guarantee…
We are so confident in the quality of this process that we offer the Life Time Smiles Warranty on all of our Life Time Smiles Ultimate Restorations. To take full advantage of this guarantee, all you need to do is to attend your six monthly continuing care appointments.

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