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Corporate Entry
This section is intended for corporate clients or those interested in corporate information.

Life Time Smiles
Level 17, 141 Queen Street
Brisbane Q 4000
Phone: 3221 7273
Fax: 3229 3514


Several different products and services, please click for more information.

Life Time Smile Rebuild

Do you have trouble chewing your food?

Do you suffer from migraines, headaches, neck and back pain?

Does your jaw joint click or pop?

Do you suffer from ringing in the ears, congestion of the ear area or tingling in the fingers?

Do you have dentures and would rather your own teeth back?

Do you have wrinkles around your mouth that you are not happy with?

Do you feel that your bite is just not right?

You may not be aware but all of these symptoms can be related to your bite. Your bite is exactly that - when your two jaws bite together they should align correctly allowing optimal chewing ability and jaw structure. If they do not align, which in many cases is the case, this can cause a number of different problems. Rebuilding your bite not only gives you amazing function and a great smile but can also resolve a myriad of other problems that you may not be aware are related to this issue.

Our guarantee…
Each of these treatments comes with a fixed price guarantee and the restorative results come with a five year written warranty.

For further details on any of the Life Time Smiles Group services, please contact our friendly front desk team and they would be more than happy to explain the list of services we offer and organise a time that best suits you to come and discuss your dental needs further.

Our philosophy throughout our group still remains to provide the highest, most consistent care and customer service and to ensure the health and wellbeing of all our patients.