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Corporate Entry
This section is intended for corporate clients or those interested in corporate information.

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Preventative Services

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Mouth Guards

What are mouth guards?
A mouth guard is a removable durable plastic casing that is made specifically to fit your upper or lower teeth that provides cushioning to prevent your teeth suffering any trauma during sporting activities. Contact sports can lead to a great deal of pressure being applied to your teeth during scrums, marking players or even through accidental falls in non-contact sports. Whatever the sport you play, a mouth guard is highly recommended to protect your teeth and prevent extensive dental treatments in the future.

Do I require a mouth guard?
If you play contact sport it is appropriate for you to wear a mouth guard to protect your teeth from any physical contact, which can occur while playing sports.

Advantage of a professionally made mouth guard.
The smaller size and secure fit of a custom made mouth guard provides many advantages that over the counter mouth guards do not.

  • Your speech will be clearer when communicating with your team mates.
  • You will have a more comfortable fit which will be less distracting during your game.
  • Your breathing will be less restricted and, therefore, will improve your performance.
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