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Corporate Entry
This section is intended for corporate clients or those interested in corporate information.

Life Time Smiles
Level 17, 141 Queen Street
Brisbane Q 4000
Phone: 07 3221 7273
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Corporate Services

Several different services, click for more details.

Corporate Wellness

Human Resource Managers
The Life Time Smiles Group have provided a professional service to many companies for some time now. After much research, we have found that many companies are faced with situations whereby employees are inefficient in the work place due to dental health problems.

Each year, 6.6 million work hours are lost in Australia due to dental-related illness. A key component to our corporate wellness program is to encourage employees to make regular check ups and proper dental care an integral part of their overall health maintenance program. This simple step will help keep your employees healthy, reduce absenteeism and help keep your business productive and profitable.

The Life Time Smiles Group are able to provide your staff with information regarding dental health and wellness. We can tailor a dental health and wellbeing program to suit your business and will happily welcome any enquiries you have about our available programs and how they can benefit your business.. In addition to this, we also offer a corporate preventive dental program whereby we can sometimes eliminate out of pocket expenses for preventive dental treatment.

Our corporate dental program includes:

  • Readable pamphlets to distribute to your employees.
  • Dental enquiries answered promptly
  • In house presentations on oral health and well being.
  • In house consultations for staff members.
  • Discounted rates on preventive care.
  • Individually tailored dental programs for your business.
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