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Corporate Entry
This section is intended for corporate clients or those interested in corporate information.

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Life Time Smiles Dental Warranty

Terms and Conditions
Neuromuscular dental plans can be complex and protracted in duration and may involve rehabilitation and reconstruction of a patient’s dentition. Professional fees are determined on a fee per service basis (for example: per crown, per implant, per filling). The fee for each service is in turn calculated as a measure of the clinical time, instrument and material costs involved in the provision of the professional service. The fees are valid for treatment commenced within six (6) months from the date of the treatment plan letter and are not able to be negotiated.

Payment for the professional services may be made by cash, cheque, eftpos, visa or MasterCard. At the time of the first appointment for treatment, payment must be made in full to confirm commitment to the treatment. This will be irrespective of any review or adjustment period planned. The final prosthesis will not be placed if the account outstanding is not paid in full and a fee may be charged if an appointment must be cancelled because of such an occurrence.

Dental Warranty
The prosthetic treatment provided is warranted for replacement at no cost should a failure occur. Failure constitutes technical and construction faults only and does not include the following:

  • Recurrent decay due to poor patient oral hygiene
  • Overload failure due to patient non-compliance in wearing an orthotic or prescribed splint for grinding habits
  • Failure due to accident or injury
  • Failure due to willful or habitual damage (for example: nail biting)
  • Failure due to a change in the patient’s perception of the aesthetics of the final case after completion of treatment or failure due to loss or damage regardless of negligence on the patient’s behalf

The warranty period is for five years from the date of the initial placement of the prosthesis.

Cost of replacement of the prosthesis:
  • In the first year incurs no charge
  • In the second year incurs a charge of 20% of the original fee
  • In the third year incurs a charge of 40% of the original fee
  • In the fourth year incurs a charge of 60% of the original fee
  • In the fifth year incurs a charge of 80% of the original fee

The warranty is valid for five years, providing you maintain your preventative care visits at our office at six monthly intervals. Preventive care includes cleaning treatments, exams, x-rays, and topical fluoride treatments.

Dental prostheses that are covered by this warranty include dental crowns, bridges, implant crowns and ceramic restorations.

In the event that a course of treatment recommended by a dentist is not followed, or an alternative less effective treatment course is chosen instead of the recommended treatment plan, the treatment will not be covered by a dental warranty. The applicability of the dental warranty in relation to the course of treatment followed will be indicated by Dr Hart.

In extreme rehabilitative or reconstructive cases, the dentition may be compromised to the extent that even complicated, high quality prostheses may have a guarded or poor long term prognosis. In such cases a normal warranty cannot be provided. The applicability or non-applicability of a warranty is indicated by Dr Hart at the end of this document.

A standard warranty (does/does not) apply to this treatment.

If the standard warranty does not apply, Dr Hart authorises a warranty of ………………. days/weeks/months/years.

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